Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is a common method that is used to remove old paint, rust, mill scale and other debris in order to prepare a surface for inspection or coating.  Most exterior coatings require the surface to be prepared as specified by Commercial Blast SSPC-SP6 (SSI-Sa2), or NACE #3.  This specification states that when viewed without magnification, all of the rust, dirt, mill scale, prior coatings and foreign matter must be removed prior to recoating the surface.  ... Read More >>

Your project may be inside, outside or seventy feet in the air.  At Agri Painting Inc. we are equipped to handle all of these situations.  From exterior storage tanks to interior epoxy linings and from ground level piping to grain bin tops, we will adapt our schedule and processes to meet your needs.  With each project we evaluate the site, the surface and the environment to select a coating that is specifically tailored to the application.  Whether you store grain, fertilize ... Read More >>

Epoxy tank lining is a proven method to prevent corrosion and prolong the life of the inside floor and walls of your storage tank.  Fertilizer, gasoline, oil and other chemicals each require different product specific coatings to battle corrosion and protect the interior of your storage tank.  At Agri Painting Inc., we select the product to meet your specific need.  The preparation procedure for steel that has not been exposed to chemicals typically requires that we sandblast the ... Read More >>

In some cases, sandblasting is not required to prepare a surface for recoating.  If the current coating is adequate but you simply want to change a color or freshen up the appearance of your structure, power washing may be an option for you.  Prior to washing, we prepare the surface with a cleaning solution that cleans and degreases the surface that is to be recoated.  We then wash down the surface with high pressure water and rotary turbo nozzles to remove all of the dirt, oil an ... Read More >>